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Mr. Tserenpurev Gotov
Member of the Board

International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC)


1991.06.15-1992.10.20. accountant in the banch, The ITI Bank, Mongolia
1992.10.20-1993.06.10. supervisor, economist, senior, The ITI Bank, Mongolia
1993.06.10- 1999.06.01. Director of the Credit Dept., The ITI Bank, Mongolia
1999.06.01- 2000.10.19. Director of the Training Center, The Bank of Mongolia
2000.10.20-2005.03.10. CEO, The Savings Bank, Mongolia
2005.03.30- 2009.01.21. CEO, The Mongolian Bankers Association
2009.01.22-2012.10.30. Director general of the General Management Dept., The Bank of Mongolia
2012.11.01- up to now Member of the board, The IBEC

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