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Dr. Amnuay Viravan


Dr. Amnuay Viravan was actively involved in public affairs of Thailand until his resignation from the Cabinet and retirement from politics in June 1997. From 1992 to 1997, Dr. Amnuay was appointed to three different Cabinet positions, namely, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Finance Minister. He was also leader of the Nam Thai Political Party from 1994 to 1996. Dr. Amnuay started his career in government in 1958 and rose to the ranks of department heads or higher, including the posts of Secretary General of the Board of Investment, Director General of Customs and Permanent Secretary for Finance. Upon his retirement from the civil services in 1997 when he was 45, Dr. Amnuay joined a number of business organizations first as Chairman of Saha-Union Corporation, a diversified industrial group, and later as Executive Chairman of Bangkok Bank Ltd. Dr. Amnuay currently takes the positions as Chairman of Saha-Union Public Co., Ltd., Chairman of Asia Cement Public Co. Ltd, and Chairman of Bangkok Grand Pacific Lease PLC.

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